Lubrificante anal das “50 Sombras de Grey”



    Ensure maximum pleasure and comfort during play with At Ease Anal Lubricant from the Official Sensual Care Collection. Boasting an extra thick and luxurious formula for a soft and moisturising effect that makes anal play even more enjoyable.

    "This is lube." He spreads some more on me. I try not to wriggle beneath him, but my heart is pounding, my pulse haywire, as desire and anxiety pump through me." - Anastasia Steele

    Containing aloe vera for its soothing and conditioning properties, the water-based anal lube formula is also wonderfully thick for a cushioning effect and enhanced comfort during anal sex.

    Apply a generous squeeze of At Ease anal sex lube to yourself, your partner and toys for extra slipperiness and increased comfort. Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Sensual Care Collection approved by author E L James.

    What it does?

      • Lubricant function: Anal sex
      • Contains aspartame: No
      • Contains glycerine: No
      • Contains paraben: No
      • Lubricant type: Water based
      AMOUNT: 100 ml
      COLOR: Transparent
      CONDOM SAFE: Yes


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