Creme Pintura corporal



Satisfy your lover’s cravings for something sensually sweet with Kama Sutra’s chocolate edible body paint. Made with rich milk chocolate flavor, you’ll delight your taste buds while exploring every part of your lover’s body when you use our body paint. Our line of irresistibly flavored body paint lets you explore your creative side while indulging in a perfectly kissable moment. Go through our variety of paints and pick a lover’s body paint that ignites your sweetest desires.

Directions: Whether you want to use your fingers or our silky-soft brush, this milk chocolate body paint is easy to apply with its creamy and smooth feel. With microwave safe packaging, our lover’s paint is simple to heat up. Take a night to enjoy the whole jar or savor for a frequent light taste. To keep your paint fresh, simply store it in the refrigerator and bring it out whenever you want to add a few sparks to your romance. Regardless of the occasion, Kama Sutra’s chocolate flavored body paint will leave your body tingling with anticipation and bliss.

Size: 50 g

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