Chicote Bettie Page



Assert your dominance with this beautiful, braided leather bullwhip. This luxury bondage accessory delivers precise, lasting stings to the skin with its teardrop tip and offers complete control over intensity levels thanks to its strong, grippable handle.


The flexible leather bondage whip measures 27.5 inches from the tip to the sturdy handle, which features a wrist strap so you can indulge in firm, confident swings.


Use the whip on yourself first to test its strength. Bullwhips can take a little time to master, so spend plenty of time practicing in an open space before using it on your partner.


Why not combine this luxurious whip with the blindfold and bondage rope from the Bettie Page collection to take your BDSM or sensory play to the next level? Restricting sight and movement intensifies the pleasure and pain delivered by each crack of the whip.


Key features:


- Braided leather bullwhip

- Teardrop shaped tip for lasting stings

- Solid 5 inch handle

- Bulbous handle with wrist strap

- Presented in a beautiful Bettie Page storage box

- Set includes an exclusive collector's card and keychain

- Collect the full Bettie Page set!

Principais características:

- Chicote de couro trançado

- Teardrop em forma de ponta para picadas duradouras

- Sólidos alça de 12,7cm

- Alça de Bulbous com pulseira

- Apresentado em uma caixa de armazenamento de Bettie Page

- O grupo inclui o cartão de um colecionador exclusiva e chaveiro

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