Baton Gloss Fetish



As a lip gloss, raspberry flavor will make your kiss as luscious and juicy as our fruit favorite. Kama Sutra’s Lip Fetish raspberry lip gloss is the ultimate choice for those looking to rekindle some flirty fun. Experience the warm, tingling sensation of this lip gloss. With a dark, sultry fuchsia color of raspberries, your kissable lips will demand your lover’s attention. Functioning also as a raspberry lip balm, your lips will be silky-soft to the touch. Browse our selection of seductive lip glosses and balms today and find one that suits you.

Directions: Seduction will seem effortless for your sweet lips with lip gloss that applies so smoothly. Aside from the irresistible taste, the soft Lip Fetish brush delivers easy application and creates room for some sparks in your romance. Indulge in tantalizing kisses with our raspberry lip gloss and experience an evening that will transform and entice a plethora of pleasures.


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