Grampos ajustáveis para mamilo das “50 Sombras de Grey”



    Looking for a delicate toy that delivers? These fully adjustable nipple tweezers go from simply pretty to pretty intense in one, smooth movement. With the durable rubber tips and beautiful beads, this set is great for kinky couples or naughty singles!

    To use these nipple clamps, slide the metal ring downwards, towards the beads. 

    The tweezers will open up allowing you to place the rubber tips around the nipple and then tighten them as much or as little as you like by moving the metal ring upwards.

    Gorgeous beads dangle from the bottom of the clamps and allow you to twist, turn and tug the tweezers for even more pleasurable sensations.

    SIZE: 10 cm
    MATERIAL: Metal
    COLOR: Black-Silver

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